The entourage of 'almost always on-key' singers is comprised of: (reading from left to right in the linked picture) Ruth Mills, VE4XYL; George Gillespie, VE4GNG; Sylvia Romanchuk (xyl of Adam); Bob Hall, VE4RJH; Adam Romanchuk, VE4SN; Paul Champagne, VE4OPC; Rae Hall (xyl of Bob); Ed Henderson, VE4YU; Gladys Haldane-Wilsone, VE4GE; Alf Keber, VE4ALF; and the newest edition Paul Palace, VE4PXP, who is the guitar accompanist of the group, and soloist. The Maestro of the Intermods is Adam Romanchuk, VE4SN; Co-ordinator & Audio Technician is Ed Henderson, VE4YU.

The Winnipeg Senior Citizens Radio Club had a fine singing group … known as




This group made their first appearance at the 1999 Christmas Party of the Winnipeg Senior Citizens Radio Club, and regaled the entire assembly with their very spirited ‘music’.

In fact, this was their first appearance anywhere – it was the first time they all got together – and this was, in reality, their first rehearsal!  During this ‘concert’, the spokesperson for the group mentioned that the reason they had trouble singing in unison was that the lighting was very bad (and it was!).  That also explains why words spoken/sung by some were different than the words spoken/sung by others.


Here is the 2004 group