The HISTORY of the Winnipeg Senior Citizens Radio Club,

The Grand Opening

 as told in a picture and words, by Lou Curtis, VE4AEM, and published in the October 1984 edition of TCA.

A New Winnipeg Club

  We of the Winnipeg Senior Citizens Radio Club decided to hold our Grand Opening on June 28, 1984. It was not without some apprehension that we decided on that date as it was the beginning of the holiday season.

 Another reason for concern was that we were behind in getting our station set up the way we had planned. This was due mainly to delays in receiving our equipment from suppliers.

Nevertheless, despite all obstacles and difficulties, our opening went well; and during the day we had some 60 visitors and close to 50 attended the opening ceremony. The program began 2:30 p.m.


  1. O Canada. Played on the violin by a member of the Board of Directors. Everyone is asked to join in the singing.
  2. Master of Ceremonies— Joe Ozero. Introducing Members of the Board of Directors of Winnipeg Senior Citizens Radio Club.
  3. President’s message— Albert Diamond.
  4. Introducing V.I.P.’s— Ross Cavey (Hospital Admin); Esther Korchynski (New Horizons); Brian J. Johnstone (Department of Communications).
  5. Special honor awards— Lou Curtis, Bert Anderson, George Reynolds.
  6. Invocation.
  7. Closing remarks.
  8. “Coffee and’ Service.
  9. Tour and Demonstrations— 3:45 p.m. V.H.F. Manitoba Repeater Contacts; 4:00 p.m. H.F. Trans-Canada check-ins; 4:30 p.m. RTTY Demonstration.

Albert Diamond, VE4AIO, the president, kept his message short and to the point. The program was conducted with dignity and decorum.

Keith McConnell VE4BC was the mainspring in getting the spacious hall set up with interesting QSL Cards and other ham gear— mostly home-brew. The interesting display of QSL Cards were selected from his own, Bill Kinash VE4MZ and Bert Anderson VE4AP’s collections and arranged on an easel.

Keith brought a large TV set and ran a tape supplied by Gil Frederick VE4AG. The tape was in colour and gave a comprehensive picture of the activities that went on aboard the space shuttle Columbia, when Owen Garriott W5FL made history by being the first Radio Amateur to operate in outer space.

Charlie Harvey VE4FG manned the HF rig and 14 contacts were logged from Vancouver to Halifax and numerous calls were made on two metres also.

Ross Cavey made us welcome as a group and looked forward to working with us in the future. We thank him for his help in setting up our station.

Esther Korchynski emphasized that the purpose of New Horizon grants was not only to enable Senior Citizens to make the best use of their skills and expertise to the best of their ability, but, above all, to share those skills with others. There are many thousands of Senior Citizens involved in a wide variety of programs in Manitoba and across Canada. It has been proven over and over again that prevention is less costly than cure. And a busy, happy, future-oriented Senior is less apt to get bored with life and end up in the hospital or care home. If there is still something that he is anxious to complete or accomplish, he will take more care of his health.

Brian J. Johnstone, from the Department of Communications, gave us a talk on communications. He was very generous with his time and brought along a number of books and other information on Amateur Radio.

All members of the club played an important role in preparing for our Grand Opening. John Mack VE4AF is a faithful member of the club and is always ready to help where he can— Thanks fellows!

And last but not least, we are greatly indebted to our XYL’s who pitched in and helped with the preparation of the food and seeing that it was served properly.